Our Story

Our Roots

My House Social was started in 2012 with the idea of showcasing the talents of independent chefs from across New Orleans. Founder and CEO Barrie Schwartz first hosted a series of pop-ups in her home, giving entrepreneurial chefs a platform to share the experimental fare they were unable to cook in their respective restaurants.

After an inspiring trip to Portland during the food truck boom, Barrie scaled these events to include food truck festivals in addition to her pop-ups, catching the eyes of corporate tech giant, Microsoft. In 2013, Microsoft, in tandem with Audubon Nature Institute Catering, requested that My House Social coordinate food trucks for over 8,000 guests for an annual conference, giving My House Social their first taste at corporate event services.

The A-Ha Moment

During this event process, Barrie noticed the lack of diversity in catering where gigs were going to major catering companies turning out familiar, uninspired menus. She knew her network of independent chefs could bring a variety of refreshing, unique cuisine to the industry and create new possibilities for private events.


Today, My House Social has grown to become a leading pioneer in bringing innovative and inspired catering to the private events industry, creating elevated, playful, and customizable culinary experiences for public and private events nationwide. With My House Social's ever-changing teams of curated chefs, no experience is ever quite the same, but every experience is memorably delicious.


We are an all female identifying team, building a business based in New Orleans that brings innovation to the hospitality industry while supporting the growth and development of independent chefs’ catering services.

Barrie Schwartz My House Social

Barrie Schwartz

Founder + Chief Experience Officer

Favorite Restaurant: Sneaky Pickle

2019 Mantra: Focus, Focus, Focus

1 Goal for 2019: Explore strategic expansion into a new city outside of Louisiana

Best Part of the Job: Watching My House Social morph and grow outside of myself, the connections I’ve made as we’ve grown, and the impact I’ve been able to make through my work.

Danielle Lee My House Social


Partner + Chief of Experience Operations

Favorite Restaurant: GW Fins

2019 Mantra: Let’s work smarter

1 Goal for 2019: Ensuring we have at least one memorable food presentation aspect at each event

Best Part of the Job: Getting to connect our amazing chef community and the delightful clients we interact with! It is also incredible to watch our small but mighty team has grown year over year, which also means growing our impact on the chef community

Katherine Bowler My House Social

Katherine BOWLER

Experience Production Manager

Favorite Restaurant: Coquette

2019 Mantra: Stay Connected

1 Goal for 2019: Elevating all event production execution from food to florals

Best Part of the Job: Working with talented chefs and clients to make their food dreams come to life! Seeing multiple chefs working together on site creates an impactful experience for everyone involved.

Kelsey Parris My House Social


Director of Client Experiences

Favorite Restaurant: Paladar 511

2019 Mantra: Build community and communicate

1 Goal for 2019: Try every chef in the My House Social community

Best Part of the Job: I’m so excited to help people find exactly the menu for their special event that they’re dreaming of. I love hearing people share their vision and favorite dishes, and then introducing them to chefs and restaurants in New Orleans that they may not have ever tried.

Stephanie Benitez My House Social

Stephanie benitez

Brand Manager

Favorite Restaurant: 1000 Figs

2019 Mantra: Always be learning

1 Goal for 2019: Getting My House Social Branding thoroughly established and packaged together nicely.

Best Part of the Job: Getting to see the visions of My House Social come together and get expressed via colors, graphics, food, food presentation. My House Social is growing beautifully into luxe food experiences that you’ll want to eat before you ‘gram.


Our Values 

sky limit.jpg

The Sky’s the Limit

We don’t just bring visions to life-  we read between the lines to bring you a customized culinary experience you couldn’t have imagined! After a personalized consultation, we dip into our trusted network of inventive chefs, caterers and food trucks and handpick the perfect match(es) for your event.


Transparency + Accessibility

A relaxed, high-touch client experience is at the core of what we do. We’re up front with every step of our process (including pricing). As actual humans who communicate promptly and thoughtfully, we’ll be here when you call.

t dubbs play.jpg


We are undeniably food obsessed and up to date on the world of inventive independent chefs across the nation. We believe food should always be served with a side of story and personality. We bring in chefs because we value local culture and support independent local chefs.



We support the growth of food businesses by connecting them with new audiences through events. By advocating and promoting the chef community to the private events’ industry, we are supporting the growth of each individual business we work with. In addition to connecting chefs to new audiences, we directly support new revenue streams through catering, pricing support, and community events.