Chefs, we put you at the forefront of everything we do, and we are dedicated to empowering independent chefs to grow their businesses by connecting them with new audiences through events. There are no additional fees for being a part of My House Social, you just join us as a partner and get asked to help on events as needed.

Our chefs and restaurant concept partners have the chance to showcase their work through a variety of private, corporate, and public events run by our stellar team.

The best part is we handle all catering logistics and client relations for you, so you can spend your time creating your best, most flavorful dishes for the event. Additional perks include quarterly happy hour socials, catering insights, and on-site assistance if needed.

No team is too big or too small for our menus, and we are always looking to curate new talent. Are you looking to grow your small business and share your food with new audiences?

Follow along @myhousesocial for the latest from our chefs