Our Values 

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The Sky’s the Limit

We don’t just bring visions to life-  we read between the lines to bring you a customized culinary experience you couldn’t have imagined! After a personalized consultation, we dip into our trusted network of inventive chefs, caterers and food trucks and handpick the perfect match(es) for your event.


Transparency + Accessibility

A relaxed, high-touch client experience is at the core of what we do. We’re up front with every step of our process (including pricing). As actual humans who communicate promptly and thoughtfully, we’ll be here when you call.

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We are undeniably food obsessed and up to date on the world of inventive independent chefs across the nation. We believe food should always be served with a side of story and personality. We bring in chefs because we value local culture and support independent local chefs.



We support the growth of food businesses by connecting them with new audiences through events. By advocating and promoting the chef community to the private events’ industry, we are supporting the growth of each individual business we work with. In addition to connecting chefs to new audiences, we directly support new revenue streams through catering, pricing support, and community events.