About Us

My House Social believes in the power of people coming together over a meal.  By collaborating within an ecosystem of chefs, event planners, food lovers, and venues we deeply believe in what happens when we all come together.

Every event is different, so why should menus stay the same? We work with every client to customize and curate their menu.

At the heart of everything we do is ensuring every meal is an economic and creative opportunity for chefs. We support their growth and have them at the center of all of our work.

Our services provide a holistic, all-inclusive approach to events including menu curation, dedicated on-site management seeing your event from ideation to completion.


Our Roots

It all started in 2012 with a variety of pop ups showcasing chefs at the house of Barrie Schwartz, our founder, hence the name My House Social. Home represents something we make our own, and to this day that is at the heart of what we do.

After an inspiring trip to Portland during the food truck boom, Barrie scaled these events to include food truck festivals in addition to her pop-ups, catching the eyes of corporate tech giant, Microsoft. In 2013, Microsoft, in tandem with Audubon Nature Institute Catering, requested that My House Social coordinate food trucks for over 8,000 guests for an annual conference, giving My House Social their first taste at corporate event services.

Simultaneously, in 2013 Barrie met her now business partner Danielle Lee. Danielle had just finished an MBA at Tulane and Barrie needed all the help she could get with the financial side of things. This role quickly evolved as Danielle began building the wedding side of the business and working with Barrie to expand the company.

The A-Ha Moment

During the process of coordinating the Microsoft event, a clear lightbulb moment happened. Barrie noticed the lack of economic and creative opportunities for independent chefs in the event industry. Catering gigs went to big box catering companies turning out familiar, uninspired menus. Catering is collaborative and features local chefs brings a refreshing unique perspective to the events industry.

In 2016 Danielle and Barrie took the leap and started working full time on My House Social - growing quicker than they ever imagined. Honing in and focusing on private events. Things have moved full speed ahead and they have never looked back!