How To: Create Custom Menus with My House Social

We saw that private event catering was typically taken up by large companies that had the capacity to attend to catering logistics and client relations. Additionally, we also realized how hard it was for up and coming chefs to get into catering.

We seek to make space for fresh faces and exciting menus in the private events world, and we found that with a little assistance in logistics and a few emails to chefs, we could get independent chefs and businesses in front of tons of new audiences while also helping those chefs grow with a new stream of revenue. So far this process has been a huge success, garnering us clients like Netflix, Refinery29, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, and many Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

That sounds amazing, but how does it work?

Our process is as simple. You tell us what you’re looking to eat at your event, and we find the chefs that fit your vision. We’re a food obsessed team with a passion for growing small culinary entrepreneurs, so we spend time every week discussing new restaurants, new chefs, and up-and-coming pop-ups in our culinary hub of New Orleans.

We make a point to ensure we’re getting chefs that are masters in food that satisfies any style – from New American to international specialties, we have something for everyone.

My House Social for NBA All Star Event

So where do the chefs come in?

What most people don’t know is that the logistics to offer catering for private events both large and small can be really difficult. Especially for chefs just starting out in pop-ups, food trucks, and public events, this is a really time-consuming process that some entrepreneurs simply don’t have time to focus on.

Enter our team – My House Social. We love the logistics process, and we want chefs to have time to focus on what they do best – creating memorable meals to make people happy. We handle all the business matters so clients can envision their dream event menu and chefs can focus on making those menu dreams a reality.

We communicate with our chefs every step of the way, requesting menu items, tastings, and any possible changes. We really empower our chefs to focus on food. Any logistical needs outside of that are on us and will be handled amongst our teams.

My House Social + Independent Chefs

Are there any extra fees for all of this work?

Actually no – we don’t believe in adding fees that make something that seems affordable become a monumental cost. Any pricing given to you will be all inclusive – rentals, menu customization, and any additional needs will be provided to you fee-free! You can enjoy your event knowing we have you covered at no additional costs.

My House Social for NBA All Star Event

If you have any questions about our services, we’re always happy to talk @myhousesocial, and we hope to collaborate with you on a custom menu soon!

Try us out, and get a custom menu for your event today.

Stephanie Benitez