Getting Down with Disco Dining Club

Founder and owner of My House Social, Barrie Schwartz, has been really focusing on traveling to learn more about her craft, her industry, and over everything, new foods. Most recently, Barrie was in the hills of Napa, attending the EXPEXP retreat with everyone from the founder of Woodstock to the CPO of SXSW. Barrie was particularly captivated by the stunning branding, storytelling, and good energy of Courtney Nichols, founder of Disco Dining Club.

What makes Disco Dining Club so amazing? Here's 3 reasons right off the bat.

Courtney Nichols.jpg

1. Duh, Disco Dining Club is woman-owned

We love nothing more than a concept that's run by a woman, but Disco Dining Club is clearly the embodiment of styles and inspiration close to Courtney Nichol's heart, and we're here for every bite.

Disco Dining Club.jpg

2. The food is straight out of our wildest dreams

Looking at their site or social media, it could just come off as dinner theater, but you'd be wrong. Everything from the location to the place setting is an experience. At Disco Dining Club you're in for secret locations, an exclusive invite list, and food as decadent as the event itself. Gold leaf dumplings, cocktails in chalices, and all night parties held in the Malibu Mountains with (oftentimes) a celebrity guest list. Welcome to true dining club luxury.

Hemp Covered Salads.jpg

3. The art of it all

Combining food, drink, partying, and disco is not the craziest idea, but creating it to this level of artistry and creative planning makes these events a continual art performance that you can only dream to be a part of. Dream on, and more importantly – consume everything.