Eating New York in Snow

Our CEO + founder Barrie is about to be a bit of a jetsetter for the majority of Spring as we start taking on more national clients and events. It’s been a whirlwind going from sunny skies to New York’s frozen wonderland of eats, but it was still a great adventure. We’ll be documenting a few bites she’ll be taking as she travels to different parts of the country starting with this latest trip in New York.

The first meal post-touchdown was the delectable While in Kathmandu in Ridgewood, NY. This Nepali restaurant will be sure to leave you with your belly full and your tastebuds happy. Try the chicken Momo, the Himalayan version of a dumpling, and the lentil pancake with bacon and egg. We’re waiting to catch your thank you notes in the mail soon.

The following day was spent at Kellogg’s NYC where Barrie talked shop with Stacy Rudin from Plate and Glass and the awesome Peyton Sterns of Bashed. Once there, Barrie sent us the most instagrammable cereal that we’ve ever seen.

Coffee Meringue Cereal by Kellogg's NYC

Coffee Meringue Cereal by Kellogg's NYC

We’re already happy partners with Kelloggs thanks to President of Specialty Channels Wendy Davidson, and we loved having a chance to grow our network with other like-minded entrepreneurial spirits at their cafe.

At the Butcher’s Daughter, Barrie met the immensely charismatic character that is Rifko of Oysters XO, Tracie Domino of Tracie Domino Events, and Lydia Redmond of The Ritz Carlton Resorts of Naples.

A photo of the interior of The Butcher's Daughter because it is so light and lovely.

A photo of the interior of The Butcher's Daughter because it is so light and lovely.

The rest of the day was spent in a montage worthy tour of sight-seeing (including an amazing stop at One World Trade’s event space) and other potential future event meetings in NYC. We would later catch the Oysters XO team at the David Beahm's Riot of Color, that looked like a party straight from a dream.

As the week wrapped up, Barrie met a corporate events professional for tips, tricks, and NYC insights at the American Noveau Bedford restaurant Allswell. The cozy atmosphere and comfort food will make you feel at home, and The infatuation has even named this spot as one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg.

Allswell Williamsburg.jpg

Such a whirlwing of great food and better people, and we hope you all get to try even one of these soon!