A Stellar Guide for Making Your Event Menu Out of This World

You want to throw the bash of the year, if not the century, right? We all do! We created a small guide to help you make sure your event is everything and more.

1.) Articulate your vibe!

Do you want the event to be funky, formal, sophisticated, casual, a garden party, or some wild mixture of everything? Being able to articulate your overall vision helps your food take on a life of its own and compliment the event! Everyone will love the good food vibes.

2.) Foodie Dreams v Reality

Keep your mind open to the realities between food dreams, execution, and taste. 

Example 1: Yes, you're in New Orleans so a beignet cake sounds great, but if they are real beignets, which are fried, they won't taste good as the cake sits out. 

Example 2: You're not just any host – you're a fun host, so you're thinking pre-event cocktail hour! That's fun in theory, but if there's no food, be ready to deal with people possibly being a little too tipsy at your event.

A good rule of thumb – if you're getting a bit of feedback on your menu, there's probably good reason behind it.

3.) Treat Yourself!

Be bold, be ambitious be daring! If you want a full roasted animal on site, do it! If you want models shucking oysters at your reception, get that! (Yes, it's real). It's your event - you do you! 💅🏼

4.) Think of your guests!

While you do you, keep in mind that there are dietary restrictions and be sure to play to the common ones so that you don't end up with hungry guests or guests that get allergic reactions. Yikes.

Ferris Bueller yikes

5.) Remember the flow

Make a rough timeline of your event while planning your food presentation to ensure the food flows well and isn't coming off as an afterthought at your event. People will remember the food you had at your party, so make sure it looks (and will undoubtedly be) great!

Party on, y'all!