New Frontiers with the New York Times

We were asked to work on The New York Times’ Cities for Tomorrow Conference, held outside of New York for the first time in history. They selected New Orleans as a means to celebrate New Orleans’ Tricentennial, and we were so delighted and honored to be part of the experience. We brought along 9 different chefs and concepts to work together to bring Conference attendees an engaging menu that they’d love. Learn more about some of the chefs and concepts below!

Chef Ericka of Diva Dawg

Chef Ericka Lassair is a vibrant personality in our network of chefs, having generated tons of press from working within the Tory Burch Foundation and being featured in the “Modern Hero” series on YouTube. We selected Chef Lassair for part of our menu for the New York Times’ Cities for Tomorrow Conference. We asked her to provide her signature dessert – Crown Apple Pie Bread Pudding (featured on Buzzfeed’s Tasty!).

Chef Ericka Lassair New Orleans Bread Pudding

Chef Jen + Brandon of Elysian Seafood

Chef Jen and Brandon started Elysian Seafood in early 2015 as one of the first vendors in the St. Roch Market in New Orleans. They now offer a variety of regional oysters and seafood at all three locations (now expanded to New Orleans’ Central Business District and Miami’s Design District). Jen originally went into Law before realizing her heart in hospitality, while Brandon spent his career in New Orleans Fine Dining Kitchens. The couple began a pop-up that lead them to their current success in Elysian Seafood.

Elysian Seafood Best New Orleans Oysters

Aubry of PJ’s Magazine

PJ’s began in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan, a pioneering woman rising in the coffee industry at the time. In our current day, we work with Aubry, who currently teams up with us to experiment on different ways to serve beverages and treats to guests in new and unexpected ways. During the New York Times’ Cities for Tomorrow Conference, we paired Aubry with Erica of Just Delights to create an affogato bar! According to Aubry, the guests were delighted with her ability to offer espresso during coffee service, providing them with more options during their conference attendance.

PJ's Coffee New Orleans Mobile Bar

Chef Kate of Echo’s Pizza + Leo’s Bread

Kate Heller began her career in carbs by selling fresh baked bread outside of Pagoda Cafe in Mid-City by the name “Leo’s Bread". She’s since grown her talent into the stellar hang out and pizzeria known as Echo’s Pizza, recently winning a multitude of accolades amongst local publications for being one of the best new restaurants in the city.

Kate Heller Handcrafted Bread Echo's Pizza Leo's Bread
Stephanie Benitez