The Magnificent Women of My House Social: Kelsey Parris

We’re introducing Kelsey to everyone in the best way we know how – interviewing her about all of her favorite things. Learn more about our new Director of Client Experiences:

What's your favorite food and/or type of cuisine?

This is such a difficult question! I guess if I were put on a desert island, I would have to choose classic Italian--there’s not much that a good bowl of pasta can’t fix. Thai is also very high up on my list of delicious and interesting food I can’t get enough of, and that’s followed closely by dessert. The denser the better (i.e. super fudgy brownies).

Josephine Estelle Pasta

What's your favorite drink?

In the summer I love a simple gin and tonic, and in the winter I lean more towards a Boulevardier. Otherwise, I’ll choose a nice IPA.

What do you most look forward to as the director of client experiences?

I’m so excited to help people find exactly the menu for their special event that they’re dreaming of. I love hearing people share their vision and favorite dishes, and then introducing them to chefs and restaurants in New Orleans that they may not have ever tried.

My House Social

What do you like doing when you're not directing client experiences?

Reading books, jogging around the city, and planning dinner parties and fun excursions with my husband.

Who is your favorite local chef?

I’m always excited to see what Chef Nathaniel from Boucherie and Joaquin Rodas from Bacchanal are doing at their restaurants and around town.

What is your current favorite restaurant?

Another tough question. In my neighborhood Paladar 511 is really delicious for brunch and date nights, Bywater American Bistro is so good for inventive and exciting dishes, and Bao and Noodle has the tastiest Dan Dan noodles and Ma Pa Tofu.

Paladar 511

Are there any new spots you're dying to try?

I’m really excited for Jewel of the South to open in the Quarter!

What's your biggest mantra for 2019?

To re-anchor myself in the community in New Orleans, strengthening friendships and meeting new people, professionally and personally.

What's your biggest goal for the year?

I’d love to run a mini triathlon!