My House Social Hits London's KERB

As you most likely know by now, our Founder and CEO Barrie is living the coolest, jet-setting life while we start expanding our services nationwide. This includes a very quick trip at the end of the month to London! Specifically-speaking, Barrie will be getting the inside scoop of our company ally and bizperation (business inspiration, get it?), KERB.

If you haven't seen KERB around, just know you're missing out on cohesive rave pastel designs and the most glorious array of street food London has ever seen. Here's how they throw food parties across the pond:

1. They have one of the coolest, badass female founders we've ever met

Meet Petra – advocate for green living, force of support to independent market chefs in London, and a great friend.

Fun fact: Petra is currently taking a sabbatical in New Orleans and we hang often.

KERB x Camden Announcement by  JO LDN

KERB x Camden Announcement by JO LDN

2. They teach their market chefs (KERBanists) how to run a business

When it comes to KERB's KERBanists, the company brings them from groups of bold spirits with good ideas to efficient, first-rate chefs for both public and private events. As these chefs grow in the KERBanist program, they're able to start doing events outside of the London markets helping KERB grow as their own business grows. It's the best partnership to get into when you're a new chef in the London food scene.

Beautiful food by Zephyr ( courtesy of KERB's Instagram )

Beautiful food by Zephyr (courtesy of KERB's Instagram)

3. Festive Food Markets

KERB throws what we can only describe as lunch time Coachellas in multiple spots across London. They started at King's Cross and ended up growing to 5 markets from Paddington to West India Quay. If you're ever in London, be sure to catch one!

KERB Market Bar signage ( courtesy of KERB's Instagram )

KERB Market Bar signage (courtesy of KERB's Instagram)

4. We're not joking – they really throw festivals

KERB proved they were really party people, and now they're throwing the party of the year called Jam on Rye (pun game 💯). We're going to be in attendance, so keep your eyes peeled for our coverage of a festival of good food, good music, and tons of spirit.

We'll be giving you sneak peeks at KERB and all of the London happenings very soon! Stay tuned.