Going Out with a Bang: New York Times x My House Social

This year has been an absolute whirlwind – we can’t believe how much we’ve done together in the past 12 months. We reached goals we would have never dreamed of this year, with only bigger goals and plans coming soon in 2019. Our office shuts down today until the New Year, but thankfully our event lineup for 2018 went out with our biggest bang yet – working with The New York Times on their Cities for Tomorrow Conference. And with that said, we say thanks – for supporting us and helping us grow to this memorable point in our business. We expect to only better ourselves in the coming year (with a few surprises along the way).

New York Times Cities of Tomorrow Conference Corporate Catering by My House Social

This was their first time hosting the conference outside of New York – choosing New Orleans in celebration of the tricentennial. We were honored to be a part of the momentous occasion, and worked really hard to prepare for the big days. We worked on this event for months, working out last minute changes, all team meetings, promotion prep, and endless timelines to pull this off. We learned so much from working such a huge event, and we cannot wait to tackle more big conferences in the future.

New York Times Cities for Tomorrow Conference Corporate Catering by My House Social

Our team and the New York times had the same vision from the start – showcasing a diverse cast of cuisines and chefs across every meal (and sometimes even every menu item). Bringing chefs together to create truly unique menus for clients is what we’re all about, and the New York Times gave us the chance to do this on the largest scale yet. We showcased so many unique dishes including bread boards by Echo’s Pizza, Crown Royal Bread Pudding by Diva Dawg, an affogato bar between PJ’s Coffee and Just Delights – and that’s just to name a few!

New York Times Cities for Tomorrow Conference Corporate Catering by My House Social

Even greater, getting a whole audience of notable decision makers in fast-paced cities from New York to Los Angeles to sit together at a family style lunch took our mission of community to a larger scale that may have been one of the most validating moments for our mission here at My House Social. We love seeing our clients come together over food just as we see our chefs come together to create brilliant dishes where they can be masterful, innovative, and passionate in their craft.

New York Times Champagne Cheers Cities for Tomorrow Conference Corporate Catering by My House Social

Stay in touch to hear about what we’re up to soon!


The My House Social Team