Next-Level Engagement at Your Next Event

If you're in the corporate event planning world, you're probably wishing you had a dollar for every time you had to hear or use the word "experiential." It's what everyone wants these days – an event where people can immerse themselves and experience something out of the ordinary. It makes enough sense, you want to leave your cherished co-workers or employees with something as special as they are.

The next time you're planning a corporate retreat, conference, or lunch, think about adding a dessert bar as your special experiential element to really make your event stand out this year. Read about some of our favorite bar ideas for private events:

1. Cookie Decorating Bars

This may seem like a simple DIY task to provide blank cookies, icing, and other decorative elements to present at a table, but having a bakery provide this service for you takes out the hassle of coordinating all of these separate elements and can give your guests baked goods that are consistent, hassle-free, and easy to craft.

Decorated Cookies.jpg

2. Sundae Bars

Sundae bars have existed as long as we can remember, and they're also a sweet, and simple way to make your event the talk of the quarter. With someone there to help streamline the process from ice cream choices to toppings, there will be nothing left for your guests to do but smile and enjoy themselves.

Our beautiful partner Just Delights recently hosted a Sundae Bar featuring brownies for the Sundae Base – talk about a sweet surprise!

Photo courtesy of  Just Delights Instagram

Photo courtesy of Just Delights Instagram

3. Donut Walls

These may be the trendier option in experiential catering stations, but we still love them. While your guests may not have the option to customize each donuts, you have the glorious opportunity of choosing the most fun and delicious donuts for your guests to scoop up and hole-y enjoy!

Photo of a donut wall for a private event by  My House Social

Photo of a donut wall for a private event by My House Social

4. Snoball Stand

This may be our Southern-based lifestyle talking, but you should definitely try out a snoball stand at your next private event. If you're not familiar with a snoball, it has virtually the same anatomy as a snow cone. However, the ice is much softer – virtually fluffy– and the syrup is ten times thicker. If you're in Snoball Country like we are, there's also a ton of toppings you can add from condensed milk to marshmallow fluff. To top it off, whether or not you're from the South, seeing a snoball get made is still a really cool experience.

Our snoball favorites, Imperial Woodpecker, have been featured all over the nation and can even accommodate your next corporate happy hour with boozy snoballs.

Photo courtesy of  Fred Blauth for Biz Bash

Photo courtesy of Fred Blauth for Biz Bash

Happy Event Planning!